Derby council names road Lara Croft Way

Derby Council has named its new £36 million ring road Lara Croft Way in recognition of the city's connection with the spectacularly pneumatic game character.

27,000 people took part in the vote to name the road, and an unbelievable 89 per cent of them chose to immortalise the Tomb Raider heroine rather than other notable locals footballer Steve Bloomer, Astronomer John Flamstead or engineer George Sorocold.

The Tomb Raider games were created my Core Designs which was based in Derby, but the vote was boosted by an Internet campaign which drew votes from all over the world.

It reminds us of a public vote to name a new stand at Manchester City's football ground. Legend has it that the Internet vote was hijacked by supporters from arch rival Manchester United who called for the stand to be named after ex-England stalwart and Man City star Colin Bell... meaning that it would forever be known as 'The Bell End'.

We can't wait for Super Mario Meadows, Donkey Kong Drive, and Link Link.