Facebook Granted News Feed Patent

All Facebook, a blog dedicated to reporting news about social networking giant Facebook, has reported that the company has patented its 'News Feed' technology which was first featured on the social networking site.

The 'News Feed' feature, which was introduced back in 2006, allows users to get live news feeds about the recent Facebook activities undertaken by their friends.

However, the feature was also included in various other social networking services but under different names. Now that Facebook has patented the technology, it could ask them to pay a certain amount or simply debar them from using this technology.

According to the All Facebook blog, the 'News Feed' patent also includes feed filters, feed advertising, searching the feed and other services relate to news feeds.

It was also reported that the patent document listed the names of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg along with other Facebook top executives including Ruchi Sanghvi, Andrew Bosworth, Chris Cox, Aaron Sittig, Chris Hughes, Katie Geminder, and Dan Corson, as the inventors of the patented technology.

According to the description of the News Feed technology provided by Facebook on the patent document, News Feed 'includes generating news items regarding activities associated with a user of a social network environment and attaching an informational link associated with at least one of the activities, to at least one of the news items.'