Glitch In Facebook Causes Email System To Haywire

Social networking giant Facebook has reported that due to a glitch in a software update, some of the email messages sent by unsuspecting users ended up with the wrong recipients, raising questions about user privacy.

The email glitch affecting Facebook users is the latest in line of recent privacy lapses made by companies competing in the social networking market that have managed to attract the attention of privacy watchdogs.

Facebook released a statement claiming that although a definite number of affected users was not available, Facebook technicians were working to zero-in on the bug and rectify it.

A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement that “Our engineers diagnosed the problem moments after it began and are working to get everything back in its rightful place. While they fixed the issue, affected users were not able to access the site”

Even though Facebook was not ready to give a definite number of affected users, it seemed that a quite a few of them were affected as micro-blogging service Twitter was filled with Tweets from confused Facebook users who claimed that they had started receiving emails from people they did not know.

Pablo S. Torre, an active Facebook user, told the Wall Street Journal that around 8:30 pm on Wednesday, he started receiving email messages from other Facebook users not known to him.

According to him, the messages contained private conversations of people. He also claimed that he received around 100 messages in a span of one and a half hours.