Google Accounts For 9 Percent Of Mobile Pageviews Says Opera

While Google has been the search engine of choice for an umpteen number of users in the traditional search market domain, it hasn’t been a slack in the rather unexplored mobile search domain, a recent has study claimed.

A study carried out by Opera Software, dubbed as the “Opera State of the Mobile Report”, has revealed that the search engine giant accounts for an impressive nine percent of all page views on the mobile web.

Yahoo rested at the distant second spot with 4.3 percent share, whereas Microsoft’s latest venture into the search market, Bing, with a mere 0.03 percent, was not so popular among the mobile web searchers yet, the study noted.

Although this nine percent page views figure doesn’t indicate that Google has completely swept the search market altogether, as the study claimed that a number of local search engines have had their say in the mobile search market.

Quoting the same, Jon Von Tetzchner, one of Opera’s co-founders, said: “While Google performs well globally, we also see several local search engines, such as Yandex in Russia and Ukraine, and Baidu in China, have impressive results in their key markets”.

Incidentally, Opera has managed to get a perceptive insight into the web users’ behaviour on mobiles due to the fact that all page requests made through Opera’s browser have to pass through its servers for compressing the content to make it compatible for mobile view.