Google Defends Search Strategy Against EU Accusations

Search engine giant Google has come up on Thursday with rather strong-worded defence in order to tackle the looming queries to be made by EU officials.

This comes amidst the incessant buzz over the blogosphere about Google being probed by EU authorities for the antitrust accusations made by its three other rivals in the region.

Google’s search ranking pundit Amit Singhal attempted to undermine the charges by claiming that Google has a well-defined search ranking system that dishes up the most relevant and better results to the web searchers.

In a Thursday post on the company’s policy blog, Singhal asserted that Google employs the most apt algorithm for presenting better results, though he accepted that the method is still not anywhere closer to be called perfect.

However, the post doesn’t reveal anything about the ranking algorithm, and has apparently been written to answer its critics.

Pointing differences between Google’s ranking algorithms and that of others, Singhal wrote: “Other search engines approach this differently, selecting some results one at a time, manually curating what you see on the page.”

He further suggested that unlike other’s ranking algorithm, which heavily relies upon users’ choices and tastes, Google’s algorithm is far different from those and thus produces most pertinent results.

Additionally, he also maintained that Google works on its ranking algorithm almost every day to prevent “lousy” results from being displayed, which perceptibly adds to the search giant’s efficacy in producing useful results.