Google Starts Indexing Facebook Updates

Search engine giant Google will soon start indexing status updates from Facebook Pages as a part of its real-time search feature, the company has announced via Twitter, which also has a real-time search indexing deal with Google.

According to the deal, Google search will index status updates from Facebook Page, which, according to the social network, are “for organisations, businesses, celebrities, and bands to broadcast great information to fans in an official, public manner”.

Facebook Pages have become a great marketing and promotion tool for business and celebrities alike.

Interestingly, this deal with Facebook comes after the company announced a similar deal with MySpace social network and already forging a deal with Twitter last year which saw Tweets and Twitter status updates appearing in Google real-time search.

However, Facebook’s deal with Microsoft, is way more complex then that with Google as Microsoft Bing search engine displays Facebook user profiles and status updates whereas Google only gets to index Facebook Pages in its search.

Facebook Pages has more than 3 million fan and business pages online which has a massive fan following across the world.

Google will look to tap into a vast pool of advertising resources and data through this deal with Facebook, which apparently has denied any monetary exchange taking place between the companies.