Milliband's sexual performance unimproved

Some of Ed Milliband's mates might have been excited to learn that the environment minister had improved his performance in the sack.

Unfortunately for the junior half of the Bandybrothers double act, the missive was spam, sent from Milliband's Twitter account to all his 6,711 followers.

The spikey-haired Minister had become that latest in a growing list of Twitterers left red faced by cracks in the system.

Yesterday we revealed how even tech powerhouse Intel had its UK Twits page hijacked.

Milliband's missive read "Hhey (sic) I've been having better sex and and longer, with this here..." with a link to some, um, chemical sexual performance enhancers.

Less amusing may be the news that Nat West's online Bank first Direct has also fallen victim of an attack through Twitter.

"Hi all, I'm sure you can tell, but we were hacked last night - please disregard any inappropriate tweets that purport to come from us!" is the message on the bank's Twitter page today.

Insecurity outfit Sophos recommends Milliband - like everyone else caught out by the scam - change his password and has a "good think" about whether he has used the same password on other sites.

It seems likely that Milliband or whoever Twits on his behalf, fell prey to the earlier phish unwittingly helped along by the likes of Intel.