Panasonic Teams With Microsoft Over exFAT IP

Microsoft and Panasonic have announced a patent licensing deal in which Microsoft will share its extended file sharing system, a technology designed to allow devices with flash memory to run multimedia rich content.

According to the intellectual property deal signed by the companies, Microsoft will grant Panasonic with access to its Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) technology which allows computers and other electronic devices to organise and store media content in a sophisticated manner.

The technology will allow Panasonic to deliver high quality content by enhancing the playback capabilities of its devices.

Explaining the idea behind Microsoft's latest media content delivery platform, David Kaefer, general manager of IP licensing at Microsoft, said in a statement that the "exFAT file system technology is designed to enhance multimedia experiences for consumers, which is especially important as televisions and other consumer electronic devices are moving far beyond traditional media content.”

According to a Panasonic spokesperson, the deal with Microsoft will allow the company to use the exFAT technology to enhance the portability of media files from a Windows desktop PC to a Panasonic device.

Software giant Microsoft has signed similar deals with Sanyo and Olympus in the past and has recently signed a patent portfolio sharing deal with retail giant Amazon.