Skype gives up on Windows Mobile platform

Skype has stopped offering downloads of its software for the Windows Mobile platform.

Both Skype and Skype Lite versions of the VoiP and instant messaging software have been removed from the company's download portal, with the Skype confessing that "neither of the apps offered a great Skype experience".

The company blamed the withdrawal on that fact that it was almost impossible to develop for the platform without the support of a mobile operator partner, and as Skype gives away what most airtime providers are trying to charge for, that was never going to happen.

Skype is currently concentrating on its relationship with Apple's iPhone and Google's Android handsets, but the arrival Windows Phone 7 could shake things up again.

Anyone stubborn enough to struggle on with Skype on a Winmob handset can continue to do so, but there will be no updates, support or new downloads.