Steam could be coming to Mac

Eagle-eyed forum posters have spotted clues in the newly released beta that Steam could be coming to OSX.

The online game delivery service released a new UI client recently and, hidden within the files are a number of references to Apple's OSX, including graphics files of the company's familiar 'traffic light' jewel buttons used to maximise, minimise and close finder windows.

There are also references to OSX included in code's menu resources which some optimistic commenters are reading as proof that Valve will soon be adding OSX support to Steam.

Given that there are so few mainstream games for native OSX, and that most Mac users can easily run PC games using Apple's Bootcamp or other third party virtualisation software, we reckon this is pretty unlikely, and is more probably a consequence of the company having moved to Webkit.

But rumours are also doing the rounds that Valve is hiring Linux and Mac developers so there could be something in it.