The KEF KHT1005.2 is a sleek, sexy and curvaceous home cinema system with the kind of terrific performance that will transform your movie watching experience.

The system consists of a powerful 150 watt subwoofer which delivers extra depth and atmosphere to any movie soundtrack, a sleek centre speaker which handles vocal elements with ease and four curvy 'egg' satellite speakers which not only look amazing, but deliver a sharp home cinema performance, too.

Featuring KEF's innovative Uni-Q driver array, the satellites are star performers, delivering a lively and engaging soundstage.

The integration between the speakers in the system is top-notch, with surround effects moving smoothly around the room. Put on any action film and you'll find yourself immersed and enthralled by the exciting surround sound.

Perfect for use where space is at a premium or as an alternative to large standmount or floor-standing speakers, this stylish and eye-catching speaker system will turn your living room into a full 5.1 channel, surround sound home cinema.

Buy this excellent home cinema speaker system from Superfi for only £300.