£300 Synology 2-bay SATA NAS Server USB2

Synology Disk Station DS209+II offers PC server equivalent performance for efficient data sharing and backup. Its high performance coupled with sophisticated Synology DiskStation Manager 2.2 provides an ideal solution for cross platform sharing, secure server backup, Windows ADS integration, business mail server, and corporate surveillance.

Synology Disk Station DS209+II supports large-capacity RAID 0 and reliable RAID 1 volume types, Users can also use one hard drive to create a Non-RAID volume and change it to RAID 1 at a later time or expand a RAID 1 volume with larger hard drives.

When User Home is enabled, Synology Disk Station DS209+II automatically creates a home folder for every user account to provide each user with a private space to store data. This eliminates the need for the administrator to repeatedly create shared folders and user accounts.

Synology Network Backup allows users to back up files from one to another Synology Disk Station or any rsync-compatible server, the Local Backup allows backups to external hard drives via USB or eSATA, both providing flexible scheduling options.

This SATA NAS Server is available from Dabs for only £300 including VAT and delivery.