Fujitsu UK workers call off strike action

Miffed Fujitsu UK workers have been talked out of continuing industrial action by the conciliation service Acas.

Members of the Unite union voted four-to-one to end a four-month dispute over 1,200 threatened redundancies, a pay freeze imposed last year and Fujitsu's plans to block new members joining its final salary pension scheme.

Unite said compulsory redundancies would now be reduced from 1,200 to 30. The company also extended the pensions scheme until the 5th March 2010 at the earliest and offered a five per cent increase in pay to compensate for changes to the scheme.

Fujitsu said it would "discuss more open pay and benefit scales as part of transparency talks" with Unite and recognised the union's desire to have minimum annual earnings pegged at £13,500.

Peter Skyte, Unite national officer for the IT sector, said: “While the Acas brokered proposals do not fully satisfy our members’ aspirations, there have been significant changes in the company’s position on jobs, pay and pensions over the course of the dispute.

“Unite will continue to work with Fujitsu to avoid compulsory redundancies and press the company for a fairer and more open and transparent pay system that more adequately recognises and rewards the Fujitsu workforce for its contribution to the company’s success and for improved pension provision," Skyte said.