Growing Number Of Drivers Check Facebook, Twitter While Driving

A recent survey conducted by the popular motoring school Halfords, has revealed that despite the ban on using mobile phones while driving, some drivers are still being reckless.

Some motorists still show no regard for the law or their own safety and use their mobile phones to check their social networking accounts and take calls, a research found.

The survey revealed that despite the provision for hefty fines on using cell phones while behind the wheel, motorists, apart from using the phones to answer or make calls, have started text messaging and using social networking services like Facebook and Twitter.

According to the online survey that was taken by 2000 motorists, it was revealed one in every 20 has checked his/her social networking account on Facebook or Twitter.

In addition, 31 percent of drivers who have taken the survey have confessed of taking calls while driving and 22 percent of them have made the calls themselves.

Alarmingly, 28 percent of the surveyed motorists have confessed to reading text messages while they were driving and 18 percent have actually sent one.

On the other hand, 5 percent motorists have checked their Facebook and Twitter accounts meanwhile 2 percent admitted to posting their own messages on Facebook.