Man Utd supporters enlist Obama's techies

The Manchester United Supporters' Trust (MUST) has engaged Blue State Digital, the US-based Internet technology firm to help in its campaign to oust owner Malcolm Glazier.

Blue State Digital provided technology and services to Barack Obama's successful presidential campaign of 2008. The firm's founding partner ran on-line fund-raising and communications strategies for the campaign including invoking the awesome power of social networking.

The Supporters Trust is running a "Green and Gold campaign in a bid to get rid Glazier, who took control of the club some time in 2004 or 2005 by buying up shares left right and centre until he owned 98 per cent. He now employs members of his family at the club on huge salaries even though the club is over £700 million in debt. Supporters aren't convinced he has the best interests of the club at heart.

The campaign is coloured green and gold because these were the colours of the Club when they first started in 1878 as Newton Heath. The campaign's slogan is "Green and Gold till the club is sold".

MUST CEO Duncan Drasdo said: "Blue State Digital has a track record which shows they are the best in the business. The challenge now is to spread the Green and Gold message from the twirling scarves at Old Trafford to the whole Manchester United supporter base around the world.

"We want to reach out to every single one of the millions of Manchester United supporters worldwide. Mass participation of supporters is essential if we are to achieve our long term aim of supporter ownership of Manchester United," he said.

"Every supporter deserves the right to own a stake in their club and we've never had a better opportunity to make that a reality."