Fujitsu Staff Union Calls Off Strike After Deal

The on-going workers strike at the Japanese computer maker Fujitsu’s UK premises has been called off by the workers' union group Unite after accepting a proposal put forward by the government's Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service.

The proposal by ACAS got a four-to-one approval from the 72 percent workers present at the poll. The representatives of the workers union Unite said that although it was not fully satisfied with the proposal, it was off to a good start and the talks with the company officials are going steady.

The workers employed at Fujitsu had proposed a 12-day strike after the company officials decided to close the contributions to the company’s final salary pension scheme, a proposed pay freeze and a move that would make almost 10 percent of the workforce, jobless.

Commenting on the union’s decision to call-off the strike, Peter Skyte, Unite's national officer for the IT sector, said in a statement that “Whilst the Acas-brokered proposals do not fully satisfy our members' aspirations, there have been significant changes in the company's position on jobs, pay and pensions over the course of the dispute.”

Under the proposed deal by ACAS, workers at Fujitsu will be offered a five percent increase in pay as compensation for the change to a defined contribution pension scheme.

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The company has also agreed to set the minimum salary at £12,000 apart from agreeing on several demands put forward by the union.

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