Microsoft spies a billion dollars in Cloud

A bloke from Microsoft said he expects the company to generate least $1 billion in income from cloud-based versions of its Office and e-mail programs over the next three to five years.

Stephen Elop, head of the Volish business software division, told Bloomberg that, because "so much of what we’re doing is focused on this particular area, we’re seeing very large customers making large commitments in this direction. You’ll see it grow rapidly.

“Three years, five years, is it a billion-dollar business? I’m quite certain it will be,” Elop said.

He reckoned customers will be wooed away from IBM and Novell towards Microsoft, once its on-line offerings are up are running.

Google's are already up and running though and already pinching customers away from Office.

Quite how Microsoft will turn this into a billion-dollar business Elop didn't say. He just said it will be so.

We'll come back in three to five years and see how it's going, shall we?