Breaking News : Sony Clearing Stock As PS3 Prices Dip Under £200

At least three major retailers have starting selling Sony's Playstation 3 Console for a few pennies under £200 but unfortunately, they seem to be more a massive stock clearance as it is the 80GB model that has been on sale lately.

Furthermore, the timing in itself couldn't happen at a worse time since this version, otherwise known as PS3 Fat, is the one that has been hit by the 8001050F error yesterday, one that resets the console's internal clock and causes havoc when it comes to online registration.

The three online retailers are Zavvi (£199.95 including free delivery), Sendit (£199.89 including free delivery) and Sainsburys (£199 excluding delivery but including 398 nectar points).

In addition other retailers that are part of the Hut Group like, Dixon-entertainmet and Asda-Entertainment are also likely to have the console in stock.

The older PS3 has a shiny look with touch sensitive buttons, more USB ports and is compatible with Linux although it does have a smaller hard disk drive and use more power than the Slim version.

Note that all UK PS3 consoles, bar the 60GB version, lose PS2 backwards compatibility via software emulation.

The most expensive PS3 version however can be had for only £245 (from Shopto) which gives you a much bigger hard disk drive (250GB) and makes it more foolproof than the fat version.