CEBIT 2010 : Sapphire, Asus Punting Dual HD5870 Video Cards With 4GB GDDR5

Cebit 2010 is starting tomorrow and already two of the biggest video card manufacturers already heavily marketing their soon-to-be released high end video cards, while waiting for Nvidia' Fermi to land.

Asus has a card named after the Greek God of war and Bloodshed, Ares, ready for a fight with the rest of the competition.

The card - also known as the EAH5970 will be build using two AMD HD5870 GPUs on one card with 4GB of GDDR5 memory - yep more than most desktop computers out there.

According to PCGames hardware, the GPUs are clocked at 850MHz while the memory is set at 4.8GHz, both of which are the default clock speed. The card managed to reach more than 14,400 points on the 3DMark Vantage Extreme benchmark on the Extreme Settings; really impressive stuff.

The card itself is massive and is longer than an ATX motherboard; Asus used two copper heatsinks and a single fan to cool the GPUs and the memory.

As expected, three power connectors will be used to provide 450W needed to power the beast and the Ares is set to cost around £680.

Sapphire is also all set to release its Radeon HD 5970 dual-Cypress card which will be overclocked, complete with a proprietary cooling solution and 4GB worth of memory.

The HD5970 already uses two 5870 GPUs and it is likely that Sapphire has merely increased their clock speed to match that of the single GPU 5870 (from 725Mhz to 850MHz, a 17 percent overclock). No pricing details have been released yet.