Man Behind ZX80 Inventor Doesn't Use Any Computer

Sir Clive Sinclair, the man who is credited for single-handedly introducing the first affordable home computer in the UK, cannot be bothered to use one of these device these days.

In an interview with the Observer to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the legendary Sinclair ZX80, its creator admitted that it was down to sheer laziness as he has people who read his emails and reply to them.

He also admits that he find emails particularly annoying and would prefer to people to phone him if they want to communicate with him before adding that he just doesn't want to be distracted by the whole process.

The ZX80 cost only £99.95 assembled, roughly a fifth of what other computers fetched at the time. Arguably, back then, £100 was quite a significant sum but sparked a massive revolution even if the figure of 50,000 units sold appear to be positively underwhelming by today's standards.

Its successor, the ZX81, was more successful with more than 250,000 units sold across the UK for a mere £70. These vintage computers are still quite popular and a mint Sinclair ZX81 basic computer kit was recently sold on Ebay for £75.

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The ZX81 and the ZX80 were the precursors of a range of British-manufactured computers like the ZX82 and the BBC Micro. Head over to theGuardian's website where Sir Sinclair also talks about how Cambridge became UK's own version of Silicon Valley.

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