Newspapers lose out to Web

Newspapers are losing out to online media as a source of news, new US research finds, as more people log on to get the news rather than pick up a news paper.

The web has become the third most popular source of news for Americans, after local and national TV stations, according to the Pew Research Center.

Unsurprisingly, news consumers get their news from a variety of sources, with most (78 per cent) stating that on a normal day they get their dose from local TV news channels. Seventy-one per cent tune in to national channels and 57 per cent use the web where they typically view between two and five web sites daily.

Newspapers are the favoured news source of only around half the people surveyed and are consequently feeling the pinch.

Rampant mogul Rupert Murdoch is trying to lead a fight-back, first by trying to get newspapers to charge for online content and secondly by attacking the BBC as he complains he can't compete. Poor love.