O2 Introduces Light Mobile Broadband Package

Amongst the other updates O2 has made to its price list over the past few days is one which is likely to attract quite a lot of publicity, it is giving away mobile broadband for 90 days.

Arguably, there are a few strings attached like the fact that there is a 1GB data usage coupled with an 18 month contract. The modem provided is the popular Huawei E169.

That said, O2 has sweetened the deal by throwing in unlimited WiFi courtesy of the Cloud, free modem worth £20 plus home broadband for only £5 extra per month.

The price of the contract over the 18 months is therefore only £150 or £8.33 per month. For those looking for more capacity, there's a 3GB package for £15 per month with the same terms and conditions.

As for people searching for shorter contracts, there's an offer for that with a one month tie-in. You'd only need to pay for the modem (£20) but you lose the three months free offer (worth either £30 or £45 depending on the amount of data you're seeking.

In comparison, 3 is selling 5GB worth of data for £15 per month with the 1GB contract costing only £7.50. Both offer a free modem but no WiFi, 3 Networks is also the only one to offer a 15GB broadband plan as well.

Our Comments

O2 has told journalists that any extra GB downloaded will be charged £24. Interestingly, there's only one bolt on for the mobile broadband called the O2 Techies support which comes at a cost of £7.50 per month.

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