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PS3 Users Call For Sony To Be Sued Over Playstation Network Fiasco

Sony's reputation could be irreversibly damaged as the company faces a barrage of complaints from the core of its players, those who have purchased the first few millions Playstation 3 gaming consoles.

More than 70 of our readers have commented on our previous article here and some of them have been calling for the company to be sued after they lost years of saved games and trophies overnight.

In the UK alone, there are three million PS3 while global PS3 sales were expected to reach more than 27 million units as of end of January 2010.

Given the fact that the new Slim PS3 has only been available for four months, it means that the overwhelming number of PS3 consoles out there are likely to fail when they are switched on.

To make matter slightly worse, Sony Playstation Twitter page has been quiet for more than 13 hours now (opens in new tab) since the last update and the UK page of the Playstation Network (opens in new tab) being submerged by thousands of users trying to find out why they can't get on PSN.

There's also the not-so-insignificant issue of how the update will be carried out since the game console cannot actually connect to the Playstation network to download and install any firmware update.

The root of the problem stemmed from a bug in the internal clock of the old "phat" PS3 console which apparently believed that 2010 was a leap year and reset the device to the 1st of January 2000.

Our Comments

Because of the negligible amount of publicity this process will have had, a significant amount of users might actually find themselves at a lost and might actually believe that they have been infected by a piece of malware.

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Désiré Athow
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