Rupert Murdoch itching to sue Google

News magnate Rupert Murdoch is getting to the end of his tether with Google according to a report in New York magazine.

The Aussie owner of News Corporation - which in turn owns the Fox network and a large proportion of the world's most influential newspapers - has been having a toe-to-toe barney with Google and its pinko hippie policy of giving stuff to people without making a buck for months now and Rupes is getting mightily miffed.

According to the report, a senior media executive who has access to Murdoch's substantial ear has said, "he's pretty tightly wound up over Google and has been ready to sue them," adding:"He doesn't trust them at all."

Google and News Corp execs are currently battling over the legality of the search giant offering Murdoch's content to users for free by listing and linking to its news pages.

Murdoch is desperately trying to find a monetised model for online news content without a great deal of success and has accused Google of stealing.

What Murdoch calls 'stealing' Google calls 'indexing'.