Twitter Set To Launch Ad Solution

Microblogging website Twitter will apparently launch a new ad platform soon that will very broadly emulate what Google has been successfully implementing over the past few years in online advertising.

Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital's Peter Kafka reports that people close to the plan have been briefed on the fact that the adverts will appear in search results rather than in the streams themselves.

The ad solution is likely to mimic the self-serving solutions offered by Facebook and Google - which has proved to be pretty successful for both online giants - and will be limited to 140 characters to match the format of the service.

Twitter will initially work with ad agencies and media buyers according to Kafka but will move to a hybrid model and ultimately to the self-serving one which eliminates third parties and middlemen completely.

But the world's 12th most popular website has entertained the idea of enlisting third party apps to display the ads themselves.

In related news, Twitter API developer Alex Payne has got observers intrigued by saying on his blog that "If you had some of the nifty site features that we Twitter employees have, you might not want to use a desktop client."

Our Comments

The problem though is that Twitter in itself is not a search solution unlike Google. Search possibly represents only a fraction of its total page views. This is why Facebook possibly choose to have display ads on all pages rather than limit them to search only.

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