Chrome chips away at browser market

Google's Chrome web browser was the only major browser to see its market share grow in February, according to the latest numbers from

Chrome is now used by 5.61 per cent of surfers, up 0.39 points on January. The browser has seen its market share increase monthly ever since launch at the end of 2008.

Firefox, having peaked at almost a quarter of users in November, saw its growth slip for the third month in a row, down 0.2 points at 24.23 per cent.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer continued a downward spiral that started in July last year, ending February with 61.58 per cent of web users. Apple's Safari also slipped 0.08 points to 4.45 per cent. Opera was down 0.03 points at 2.35 per cent.

Chrome was not the main beneficiary of its competitors slippages, however. The survey's enigmatic 'other' category, including every browser outside the top five, was up to 1.13 percent from 0.72 per cent, a 0.41 point increase.

Potentially more interesting with be March's numbers, which will reflect the first full month of Microsoft's Browser Choice scheme, rolled out to European Windows users last week as part of its settlement with the European Commission.