EU Puts Capping Mechanism To Monitor Mobile Roaming Costs

The European Union has implemented a new Europe wide law regarding mobile internet data usage, which will allow users to monitor their mobile phone bills; it will allow them to set a mobile internet usage limit after which their service providers can temporarily cut-off their internet service.

According to the new EU laws, European mobile phone users can save themselves from 'horrible shock' of disconnection by setting a limit on their internet billing amount, allowing them to control their monthly spending on mobile internet bills.

However, if the users don't set the monthly limit, then under the new data usage laws, the limit will automatically be set at Euro 50 or £45.

Commenting on the newly passed internet usage law, European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, said in a statement that “This measure is likely to bring down the cost of data roaming, because if people stick to their own cash limits and find they don't get much access to the internet for their money, internet surfing rates will fall.”

Under the new EU legislation, mobile service providers will be required to notify their customers when their internet bill reaches 80 percent of the set limit.

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However, EU has also made it clear that if mobile service providers fail to abide by the limit set by the users, then they will have to pay hefty fines, depending on the nature of the complaint. Customers are able to bypass the mechanism anyway.

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