Google Brings Automatic Translation To Next Version Of Chrome

Search engine giant Google has released the Beta 4.1 version of its highly popular Chrome web browser in order to let the users test the functionality before Chrome 5.0 is launched.

According to a post on the Google Chrome Blog, the new beta version will allow automatic translation of web pages and will feature better privacy options.

However, the new additions are only compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems and not with the highly popular Windows 7 OS, which has emerged as the fastest selling OS in history.

Commenting on the availability of the update, Wieland Holfelder, Engineering Director, Google Munich wrote on the blog post that “For those of you already on the beta channel, you'll soon be updated automatically. And for those of you on the stable channel, we'll be making Chrome's new translation and privacy features available to you in the coming weeks.”

According to the blog, the automatic translation tool will translate a web page if its language is different from the preferred language setting.

For example, if a user visits a web page displaying text in Arabic, while his default setting is in English, the browser will ask the users if they'd like to translate the page using Google Translate. This feature has been available in its Google Reader service for the past few weeks already.

Our Comments

This new feature is designed to break the language barrier prevalent in the world wide web by translating web pages without installing extra apps or add-ons. In addition its revamped privacy update will allow the users to surf the web without allowing websites to place cookies on their systems.

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