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Google Chrome Increase Global Share Of Browser Market

Web analytics firm Net Applications has published fresh global internet browser market share data which reveals that Google's Chrome web browser is the only one which has seen an increase in market share with every other browser heavy weight losing out.

The data revealed that the search engine giant's web browser offering experienced an increase of 0.4 percent by acquiring 5.6 percent of the global web browser market as compared to 5.2 percent in January.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser continued to slip in the global race for web browser market share dominion with 61.6 percent share in the market as compared to 62.1 percent in January.

On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox, which remains the 2nd most popular web browser in the world, fell 0.2 percent to 24.2 percent from 24.4 percent in the world web browser market share. Apple's Safari web browser saw a slight decrease in market share, ending up at 4.4 percent, down 0.1 percent in the world web browser market.

Several industry experts credit the rise in the market share of Google Chrome to the slew of updates and added features that were unleashed by Google for the web browser, the latest being the addition of automatic web page translation and enhanced privacy options.

Our Comments

Chrome has been one of the most innovative browsers that came to the market and managed to keep the competition on its toes. Even Firefox is now feeling the heat and there are even some thinking that Chrome will be the only reason why Firefox will not reach 25 percent of the browser market.

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