MSI's all-in-one PCs keep on growing

MSI has high hopes for its all-in-one PC range that integrates touch-screen technology into a self-contained PC box.

Having kicked off the range with its AE2220 "hi-fi box", the firm is showing off delightful-looking 24-inch models here at CeBit, the first of which should be available by the end of April at around the thousand pound mark.

An initial 24-inch model will be powered by a Core2 Duo chip, to be followed by a heavy-duty Core i5 or i7 model with all the trimmings including Radeon 5730 graphics 4GB of Ram and a 1TB SATA hard disk.

A 24-inch 3D model is also in the pipeline.

The touch-screen all-in-ones are proving popular in the home, "Kids love them," a spokesman told THINQ. "We see massive growth for the all-in-ones."

The integrated approach can make use of the sort of technology seen in laptop PCs in order to squeeze both screen and internal gubbins into one box. Additionally, touch-screen PCs exploit the touch technology made available by Windows 7. The popularity of the technology has been boosted in the mainstream by Apple's iPhone, which introduced the two-fingered approach to map reading.

Touch-screen games, of which there are several light-weight examples on show here in Hanover, are expected to give a further boost to the format.