Sony Has Identified Playstation Network Bug, Plans Solution Within 24 Hours

Sony's senior director of Corporate Communications & Social Media Patrick Seybold, came forth yesterday evening to confirm that the problem that affected those trying to connect to the Playstation Network was pinned down to a bug in the "clock functionality" of the console.

The list of errors encountered also include the inability for some users to play back rented video downloaded from the Playstation Store before the 28th of February.

In the meantime, Sony reckons, it is advisable not to use the old PS3 gaming console or users may run the risk of data corruption or losing trophies.

Apart from the sad fact that Sony has drip fed information around the case rather than being more communicative, the company via Mr Seybold, says that it is doing its best to solve the issue.

Dozens of readers of ITProPortal have been affected by the issue and access to Sony's own Playstation website was intermittent during the day.

Some of our readers have even called for Sony to be sued after the Playstation Network fiasco unfolded during the day.

Already, more than 300,000 people have visited their Twitter page and, from there, visited their US Playstation page to get more details, with roughly a third of visitors coming from the UK.

Our Comments

As surprising as it may sound, the glitch affecting Sony's flagship console is not currently the top tech related search in the US. The term "ibm layoffs 2010" is far more popular. Anyhow, Sony is in deep trouble and need to solve that issue fast or risk losing some significant goodwill.

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