Tories Launch iPhone Application Ahead Of Elections

The Conservative Party of Britain has rolled out an iPhone application which will help the party activists and the general public keep track of the forthcoming elections and receive a detailed view of the party’s ideology and policies.

The General Election application for the iPhone is being seen as the very first attempt by any party to use the popular smartphone platform to promote its policies and garner support from activists and public alike.

The application comes with a swingometer, which is designed to let users tilt the iPhone in order to determine the number of Conservative MPs that will be elected with a swing of 20 percent to the party.

The free app also lets party activists to call their contacts to garner support for the party and revert back with their voting intentions.

According to Jeremy Hunt MP, a spokesman for the Conservative Party, the application will offer integration with popular social networking platforms including Facebook and micro-blogging giant Twitter.

Commenting on the digital campaign undertaken by the Conservatives, the spokesperson also added that the Conservative Party is “the only Party that has fully embraced new technology in the run up to the General Election.”

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Meanwhile, the Labour Party has also announced plans to dish out its very own iPhone application sometime in the near future. Social networking tools have been essential in getting Barack Obama elected as the US President back in 2008 and the British parties are likely to follow suit.

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