2010 UK SIM-Only Guide : 83 Offers, 8 Networks

Nine months ago, we published a SIM Only Comparison Guide that covered 58 offers from eight networks in the UK.

Over that period, the credit crunch only served to make SIM only deals significantly more attractive and it is therefore not surprising to see that the actual number of deals jumped to a whopping 83, a 47 percent increase.

Amongst the mobile phone networks listed are Talktalk (Carphone Warehouse), O2, Tesco, T-Mobile, Orange, Three, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile.

All of them, except Tesco Mobile, have enhanced their offers since last year with the majority of them now offer unlimited texts even on short, one-month contracts.

That said, there have been some sneaky adjustments with O2 and T-Mobile for example offering less minutes on some SIM only deals compared to last year.

The other trend we've noticed is the increase in number of deals offering free inclusive internet with T-Mobile offering one for as little as £10, down from £18 last year.

Abbreviations, Notes & Small Prints

Internet prices are on a per day basis.

For the sake of simplicity, "unlimited" packages are identified by 3,000 (minutes or texts).

Simplicity for iPhone, for smartphone and Blackberry share similar minutes, texts and inclusive bolt-ons with the following differences.

Simplicity for Smartphones doesn't come with Free WiFi

Simplicity for Blackberry is £2.50 more expensive for each tariff (e.g. £20 Simplicity for iPhone costs £22.50 for Blackberry).

3 - Triple Clubcard Points

4 - 1/2 price calls and texts to 5 people

5 - Unlimited Landline Calls

6 - Magic Numbers

7 - 2-for-1 Cinema Wednesday

8 - Unlimited same network calls

9 - Unlimited skype calls

10 - Unlimited WiFi

11 - 200 minutes to same network mobiles

EC - Existing Customers