90 Million Copies Of Windows 7 Sold Says Microsoft

Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein revealed that the software giant had sold 90 million copies of its newly launched Windows 7 operating system while speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom conference in San Francisco.

Windows 7 OS, which had sold 60 million licensed copies at the end of the second fiscal quarter in January, has emerged as the fastest selling operating system software made by Microsoft.

It has given a significant boost to the global OS market share held by Microsoft Windows, bringing it to 92.12 percent as of February 2010 as we reported yesterday.

Commenting on the predicted increase in IT spending by businesses, Mr. Klein said in a statement that “It's not precisely certain when that will happen and how fast it will happen. But as we've been saying, specifically for the last several quarters, we expect it to happen this calendar year and go into next calendar year.”

The CFO of the Redmond based company also confirmed that Microsoft plans to increase its operational expenditure by 5 percent in fiscal 2011 and also predicted a revenue rise to $27.5 million, somewhat less than what is predicted by analysts at Morgan Stanley.

Our Comments

Apart from discussing the future strategies being undertaken by the company, Klein also confirmed a new Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade program. This is likely to kickstart a new hardware refresh cycle as companies try to get the most up to date after years of living on Windows XP and Office 2003.

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