Apple Employees To Receive iPad By Next Week?

Those working in Apple stores in the US might soon receive iPad devices to play with as they receive training on the Apple inspired tablet before the official launch sometimes in March (or April, depending what sources is quoted).

Daryl Deino, writing for The Examiner, has been tipped by one Apple Store manager in Southern California (ed : there are not THAT many Apple stores in that area) that store employees might get it on March 10th with the actual release date likely to be the 26th of March.

The 26th of March is the last Friday of March and it is likely that the item will go on sale at 6pm like Apple did when the first iPhone went on sale.

The more expensive and more useful 3G versions might not be available until much later, possibly until next month or even May 2010. Deino also says that adverts for the iPad will start appearing from the 15th of March with the device's ebook capabilities promoted.

He further noted that those who will camp out for the iPad launch will receive a "special gift". As usual, those rumours have to be taken with a pinch of salt as we also heard that Apple's release might be delayed because of some production issues.

Our Comments

The iPad will be Apple's most revolutionary product for the past few years or so. Granted it does not have the mass appeal of the iPhone, the device still carries some promising features including Apple's first custom-made processor, the A4, which could herald a new era for Apple.

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