Better iPhone Tariffs Than O2 ? Try T-Mobile Instead

While doing our research for our 2010 UK SIM-only guide, we came across quite a few stonking deals for smartphones like the iPhone.

O2 has just introduced a new list of tariffs for iPhone users which are better value than the previous ones.

However, unless you are wowed by (a) their unlimited WiFi offering (b) their discounted fixed landline offers (c) their 3G coverage and (d) short term contracts or if you're phone is still locked with O2, T-Mobile offers, in our view, the best deals if you want to access the internet on the move and there's even using a once-reviled secret weapon to increase their market share.

If you're ready to bite the bullet and stick with them for two years, we've managed to get an offer from T-Mobile for as little as two years including a handy basic mobile phone, the Nokia 1661.

If you head to, one of the many distributors of T-Mobile, you will out that they are offering that phone with a T-Mobile's £15 deal which includes free internet, 300 texts and 300 minutes.

In addition, Buymobilephones will offer you £200 automatic cashback which brings the price of the deal to £6.67 a month. Such automatic CB deals have become more commonplace lately as networks such as T-Mobile try to add more customers to their user base.

The money will be paid directly to your bank account roughly three months after you signed for the deal. Alternatively, you can get Sony Playstation 3 Slim 250GB console for an additional £19.99. One can think about this deal as a tax free, interest free lump sum, essentially free money.

Arguably, it is not a SIM-only deal nor is it something that will suit many. Yet given that the total cost of the contract over the two years is a mere £160 after the cashback, it is a significant savings compared to other deals on the market.