Exclusive : SIM Free HTC Desire Now Available On Preorder From £374

Four weeks before the official arrival of the HTC Desire in the UK, PAYG mobile specialist Prepaymania says that it will sell the HTC Desire, the twin brother of the Google Nexus One for as little as £374 including delivery and it will be a SIM Free model.

Now that makes it even cheaper than the imported version of Google's spanking new smartphone ($578 dollars or roughly £385). Once you factor in VAT, the cost of the Nexus One goes up to £452.58.

What's even more interesting is that the phone has apparently been discounted even before it goes on sale. Announced at the MWC in Barcelona last month for around £450, its selling price is therefore likely to be slashed by nearly 17 percent.

Interestingly, both Amazon and Play already have it for sale for £529 and £430 respectively, a significant premium over Prepaymania's price.

The relatively low price of the HTC Desire coupled with the fact that it is SIM Free makes other phones such as the Motorola Droid or the rest of the HTC range (including the Legend and the G2) much less interesting.

As indicated before, the HTC Desire will be available from T-Mobile for as little as £30 per month on an 18-month contract, one that includes 300 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet data. You can read our coverage of the HTC Desire here.