Google's Android Smartphone Marketshare Growing In North America

According to the recent mobile web usage report released by web analytics firm Quantcast, it has been revealed that iPhone OS, which has the largest share of mobile users accessing the web, is slowly losing its market share to Google's Android OS and RIM OS, which powers the popular Blackberry platform.

The data released by the company indicated that Apple's iPhone OS share in the North American mobile web consumption market, fell by 3.2 percent to 63.7 percent for the month of February where as market share enjoyed by Google Android OS increased from 8.2 percent in January to 15.2 percent in February.

RIM OS's share increased to 13.2 percent in the North American mobile web consumption market, a rise from roughly 9 percent in January 2010.

According to several industry experts, the reason for fall in Apple's iPhone OS market share, is the increasing popularity of Android based devices and the aggressive marketing campaigns launched by RIM.

Users of iPhone OS are migrating to other devices running Android OS or RIM OS due to the fact that users are getting attracted towards better functionality and user interfaces.

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However, Quantcast data also indicated that the mobile web market will increase significantly over the coming years with the rise in number of people using smartphones. Also expect a rising number of mobile devices altogether to use these platforms.

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