HTC bites back at Apple patent suit

HTC, the world's largest manufacturer of Android mobile phones, has hit back at Apple after the Cupertino company accused it of stealing its inventions.

Following the announcement of legal action by the Cupertino company, the mobile maker's stock dipped two per cent on the Taiwan Stock Exchange prompting it to publish a filing stating: "HTC is not only a mobile technology innovator, [we] also hold a large number of patents."

The filing insists that HTC, which makes Google's Nexus One app phone amongst others, will work with the US justice system to protect its own innovations and rights and that the Apple action doesn't pose a major threat to the company.

Apple, which reckons that HTC has nicked up to 20 of its interface architecture and hardware ideas, has been accused of legal sabre rattling many times in the past and is currently stuck in a tit-for-tat legal row with mobile giant Nokia.