HTC Strongly Rejects Accusations By Apple Of iPhone Patent Infringements

High Tech Computer (HTC) has vehemently denied having infringed on patents owned by Apple and pertaining to the popular iPhone smartphone in a brief statement released on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSEC) website.

The company said that it is "not only an innovator in mobile technology but also an owner of many patents. We take American and international patent rights protection seriously," before adding that "We will closely cooperate with US justice system in the case to protect our own innovative values and rights."

HTC further underlined the fact that it doesn't expect the legal process to have any impact on its business in the US for a foreseeable future. It also confirmed that it has used developed and designed its signature user interface known as the HTC Sense without external collaboration.

Yesterday, Apple accused HTC of infringing on 20 of its patents, all of which are linked to the user interface of the iPhone as well as its "underlying hardware and architecture".

Observers have questioned the timing and the impact of such an accusation by Apple. HTC has been a forerunner in the production of Android-based smartphones, the most ambitious rival to the iPhone platform, and has produced Google's Nexus One which was launched earlier this year.

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HTC also manufactured phones for Sony Ericsson (like the first Xperia X1) and Apple knows that HTC, which sold one in every six smartphones in the US, could become its worst nightmare in the mobile market by flooding networks with a slew of Android smartphones.

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