IBM Cut Headcount By Another 2000

Employee advocacy group Alliance, which is a member of the Communications Worker of America union, has reported that IT behemoth IBM has fired around 2000 employees, mostly in the US.

According to a message posted on the online message board of the organisation, which represents several IBM employees, the company had decided to fire employees from various departments and sectors, without giving a valid reason for the job cuts.

Lee Conrad, the National director for Alliance@IBM, said in a statement information provided by former IBM employees that were laid off by the company leaves them to believe that IBM is planning to outsource most of its operations and had started training individuals for this process.

However, when contacted by for comments on the ongoing issue, a spokesperson for Big Blue said in a statement that “We continually remix our skills and structure to meet the changing needs of our clients.”

Alliance, which represents several IBMers, collected its data from the severance letters provided to the employees that were 'let go' by the company and it is working towards getting a union status from IBM.

Earlier the organisation had reported that IBM had fired around 10,400 employees last year.

Our Comments

The way that the cut were done rather than the cut themselves are the bone of contention apparently. The recession is appears to be easing and hopefully, IBM will be able to recruit new employees again. Still it would server Big Blue well to be more transparent with the whole process.

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