IBM Rolls Out eX5 Server Range

International Business Machines (IBM) has unveiled its latest line of ex5 servers at the CeBIT industry conference in Hannover, Germany, which are designed to enhance the performance and reduce the costs for businesses.

According to a statement released by the company, the ex5 server range, which is targeted towards businesses running industry standard, Intel based servers, will benefit its customers by reducing the number of servers required by a particular workload by almost 50 percent, lower licensing costs by half and reduce storage costs by 97 percent.

Explaining some of the sophisticated functionality offered by the new server technology, an IBM spokesperson said in a statement that “With independent memory scaling offering 600% more memory than is available across the industry today, and unique, next-generation flash-storage technology, the eX5 portfolio of systems will display economy-altering capabilities.”

At the conference, IBM, which is the largest IT services provider in the world, claimed that their latest innovation in server technology comes with a highly efficient memory usage component which allows enhanced virtualisation that increases database performance by almost 30 percent.

The ex5 also offers 99% better performance-per-watt and the ability for companies to run 78% more virtual servers for the same licensing cost.

Our Comments

The eX5 introduces some interesting technology like MAX5 , eXFlash or FlexNode, all of which aims at minimising cost and simplifying deployment within the entreprise. A standard server will be able to accommodate up to eight sockets.

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