MIO Moov V780 is all things to all people

Mitac firm MIO is launching an amazingly versatile portable navigation device here in Hangover this week.

Wally Lee, director of MIO's new business unit, reckons the MIO moov V780 combines the functionality of a sat nav device with a smart, easy-to-use touch-screen operating system that enables the device to function like a PC in your pocket - assuming, that is, that you have big pockets, as the seven-inch screen puts it roughly between an iPhone and an iPad in size, to use the new vernacular.

As well as advanced navigation functions, the device integrates web and entertainment functions, such as music, photos and HD movie playback. This may be overkill on a seven-inch device, but it also exports movies through an HDMI interface, allowing users to plug it in to a suitably-equipped large screen TV or projector.

A “virtual” touch-screen keyboard can be used for email and typing. The email software features a nifty photo-based ID system, should you want to see who it is you’re corresponding with - handy for those of us habitually forgetting names. The Qwerty keyboard was actually a Wqerty one on the prototype we saw. We guess MIO will sort that out before shipping.

All this and more is crammed into a device measuring around seven inches by four and just over half an inch thick. It weighs in at just 445 grams and will come with various accessories such as a bracket for mounting the thing in your car for navigation purposes, or a desk stand to use it as a photo viewer or for watching movies.

Pricing is as yet unconfirmed but we’ll update you as soon as the device is officially launched.