Opera Claims Title Of Fastest Browser With Version 10.5

Norway-based Opera Software company has rolled out version 10.5 of its highly popular web browser, which, according to the company, offers the fastest web browsing experience for Windows OS users clubbed with latest improvements in web 2.0 technology.

According to a statement released by the company, Opera 10.5 comes with a newly designed user interface and enhanced private browsing options.

The web browser also incorporates a new JavaScript engine called Carakan and a new graphics library called Vega, making it the fastest web browser ever conceived for Windows.

Interestingly the new web application comes with enhanced features for the users of Windows 7 and Windows Vista including Aero Glass, as well as supporting Aero Peek and Jump Lists that make accessing the Speed Dials, tabs and more from the Taskbar much easier.

Commenting on the functionality of Opera 10.5, Opera CEO Lars Boilesen said in a statement that “We designed Opera 10.50 to be easy to use, while making our unique features stand out, so you can get more out of the Web.”

The browser comes with several interesting new features, the most impressive one being Opera Unite which allows you to share files with anyone without actually having to upload anything to a website. Essentially, that converts your computer into a file server.

Our Comments

Opera would completely disappear if they hadn't had their mobile browsers to save them. Opera Mini and Mobile have been the dominant browsers in the growing mobile segment for the last year. But 2010 will see the arrival of Fennec and many others.

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