Orange Partners With Intel Over Atom-based Meego Platform

Orange, the fifth largest telecom service provider in the world, has announced its support for the MeeGo media platform, which is a joint initiative of smartphone maker Nokia and Intel Corp. that was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month.

The MeeGo media platform incorporates Linux-based technologies from both the companies, including Intel's Moblin platform and Nokia's Maemo platform along with its cross-platform application environment, QT.

MeeGo is aimed at developing a one-of-its*kind consumer media services platform which will be aimed at consumer devices ranging from mobile phones to netbooks.

According to a statement issued by Orange, the company will work along side Intel to promote its Orange Signature Services, which include Orange TV and Orange Maps, by making them compatible with MeeGo and Intel's Atom hardware platform.

Expressing his views on the deal with Intel, Yves Maitre, SVP of devices at Orange, said in statement that “Our collaboration with Intel on the MeeGo software platform will not only ensure a broader choice in terms of screens and devices, but that customers continue to benefit from a consistent user experience delivered through Orange Signature services.”

However, the main challenge which will be faced by the companies is getting software developers to create applications on the MeeGo platform.

Our Comments

Microsoft will be watching all this with some worries as Intel has decided to work on a software environment that it controls more closely. It also means that it will be able to squeeze more performance out of it and keep all the licensing fees.

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