Skype For Symbian Officially Launched With Nokia's Blessing

Smartphone maker Nokia and Skype have announced in a joint statement that the latter's popular VoIP application will be available for a free download on Nokia's Ovi online application store for Nokia smartphones running on the Symbian platform.

The Skype application for Symbian platform, which is available for download from today, will allow Symbian-based smartphone users to make free Skype-to Skype calls, whether domestic or international, along with the ability to send and receive text messages and share media files such as photos and video.

Commenting on the launch of the popular VoIP service on the Symbian platform, Nokia’s SVP for smartphones, Jo Harlow said in a statement that “Symbian is enabling us to bring smartphones to more and more people and ensures scale for our solutions and compelling services, such as Skype. We’re seeing around 1.5 million downloads a day through Ovi Store now.”

The Skype application, which is designed to work with both WiFi and 3G connections, will also allow Symbian users to receive calls on an existing Skype number and see when other Skype users are online.

It will enable users to import phone numbers stored on their device's phone book on to the app. The application available on the Ovi store will be compatible with most Symbian mobile phone OS versions.

Our Comments

That's a very interesting proposal and one which could make of Skype, the first product ever to reach the billion customers. Since it has left its Ebay mothership, Skype has been more ambitious and could in the short term change the way we make calls globally.

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