Thermaltake gets into gaming accesories

Thermaltake, the Taiwanese company best known for its cooling and case products, is branching out into new areas with a range of gaming accessories.

Marketed under the new eSports brand, the range of peripherals is aimed at gamers who like a few go-faster stripes on their gear.

The range shown here at CeBit 2010 for the first time, currently comprises keyboard, mouse and headset.

The black Challenger gamer’s keyboard sports a small 6000 rpm fan designed, as head of the eSports business unit, Tony Liu said, to cool down the sweaty palms and fingers of active gamers. When not in use the fan tucks away neatly into the body of the keyboard.

"It’s world first," enthused Liu. We can understand why.

The keyboard is backlit with rows of LEDs along its length. The LEDs can be set to any one of 256 colours, presumably to match the colour of your decor.

Complementing the keyboard is a chunky gaming mouse. Completing the new range of offerings is a gaming headset. Named Shock, the headset supports DTS 5.1 channel virtual surround sound for gamers who like some warning before being taken from behind.

Pricing for the products will be announced soon