US Town To Rename Itself To Google For One month

Topeka, a town in the State of Kansas, US, has unofficially changed its name to Google for the month of March in an attempt to secure a position in Google's 'Fibre for Communities' program in which the search engine giant will roll out its fibre optic broadband connection to short listed cities at competitive prices.

In a recent post on the official Google blog, the company had announced that it plans to choose one city in order to test a new generation of broadband internet services, which according to sources, will allow users to access the internet at speeds 100 times faster then their present connections and enable data transfers at a speed of 1Gbps.

Commenting on the promotional gimmick, Topeka Mayor William W. Bunten, said in a statement that “I thought it was fun and would be interesting and would make us a little different from some of the other cities, Hopefully, the people at Google have a sense of humour.”

Google had asked US cities to file their requests before March 26th if they are interested in participating in the program and it seems that Topeka has some serious competition from cities like San Jose and Austin, Texas.

Our Comments

Obviously the amount of coverage that this marketing coup has generated has been by, all measures, very significant with more than 400 news articles worldwide according to Google news. Will Google be impressed nu it? Well, there will be other parameters that will have to be taken into consideration.

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