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Acer 3D Laptop Available From Amazon For £546 Delivered

Acer has started to sell its first 3D laptop, the Aspire 5738DZG, which currently costs £546 including delivery at Amazon, a price that is surprisingly low given the 3D capability that it integrates.

The laptop uses a CineCrystal 1366 x 768 pixels TFT display that integrates TriDef 3D technology. According to Acer, there is a special 3D layer attached pixel-by-pixel that enables the LCD technology that delivers the 3D visual capabilities.

It means that the laptop can convert 2D content into 3D on the fly using a special TriDef 3D software that add stereoscopy to all processed content.

Acer has also included a "sporty and stylish" 3D polarizer glasses as well as a clip-on version for those who already use glasses. The issue here is that it only useful for one user and Acer doesn't provide with details as to how much additional pairs cost.

The rest of the features is pretty much standard and unusually affordable for a laptop with such a novel feature. The Aspire 5738DZG has a Pentium Dual Core T4300 processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard disk drive, a DVD writer, Windows 7 Home Premium and a Webcam.

If that's not enough, the screen is powered by a 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 video module and is backed by a 3rd Generation Dolby-optimised surround sound system that is made up of a pair of speakers. (ed : the original article mentioned that the device had touchscreen capabilities which we found out to be untrue, this has been rectified).

Add other niceties like integrated WiFi, a 6-cell battery, a card reader and you have a decent all rounder with 3D functionality included as the cherry on the cake.

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