Coby Launches $85 ARM-Powered Netbook At Cebit

Little-known manufacturer Coby has launched a new netbook at Cebit in Germany called the NBPC722 that doesn't impress much when it comes to its specifications but did caught our eye because of its price, a mere $85 or just above £55.

Based on a 624MHz ARM-based Marvell PXA303 processor, it comes with 2GB internal Flash storage, runs on Windows CE (with that familiar Windows XP interface) and almost certainly has 128MB memory.

The NBPC722 has a rather well laid keyboard with what appears to be a decent touchpad, all enclosed in a nice looking chassis.

The 7-inch SVGA screen though appears to be lost amidst of a bezel that is roughly 50mm thick (ed : think photoframe). It does however pave the way for a 10-inch or even a 12-inch version of this netbook for around $120.

Other features that we've managed to glance includes a SD card reader, a webcam, a pair of tiny speakers, WiFi, Ethernet, three USB ports and a 2200mAh 3-cell battery.

This device has just enough juice to keep it running light applications like web browsing (ed : my browser consumes 1GB memory on average).

Coby had also a number of more traditional Atom-based netbook on display at the show but the NBPC722 is likely to be a major seller if Coby manages to keep its price under $100.

Our Comments

Coby is known for some rather cheap electronics in the UK and is one US brand that we'd like to see more on this side of the Atlantic. The good thing though is that their presence in Cebit might confirm the interest they have in getting their products sold in Europe.

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